What is lifestyle photography?

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a form of photography that focuses on documenting true-to-life, everyday moments with minimal posing or direction. The end result should be a collection of images filled with genuine emotions, underscored by the story of those photographed.

A lot of photographers aren’t doing this yet, but it’s the most effective way to bring out what is important to you as a couple, family or individual. Highlight who you are, what you’re proud of and how you want to be seen while focusing on what makes you you.

Whether it’s a mother/daughter or family, we’ll showcase the things that make you feel close — documenting the bond you have and the special things that show off your lifestyle.

Dad kisses daughter while Mom smiles

How film impacts lifestyle photography

As a film and digital photographer, my lifestyle photoshoots tend to be slightly more posed than what is normally common in lifestyle photography. With film, I take my time to observe interactions and establish an environment conducive to those one-of-a-kind images you’ll love. Film photography is not meant for constant photographing, piling up images that will be sorted through later. It’s meant to create art in the frame from the start. So while I intend to let you do your thing while I capture candid moments, I will step in seamlessly when necessary to cultivate moments that can be captured in my preferred format — film.

My approach to lifestyle photography

I blend natural poses with laughter to create artful photos that capture who you are as an individual. Although not all lifestyle photographers use posing, I still consider this lifestyle photography because the end result is the same — images that show your life, relationships and love.

I’ll take time and prompt you, saying things like, “Get close together. Snuggle. Whisper something in her ear.” I encourage emotions. I won’t just step away and take photos of you while you’re not looking. Instead, I’ll guide you along so that it looks and feels natural.

As long as you feel relaxed, your true self will start to come out and your relationship will shine through in the session. I give small directions and let it play out.

What elements of lifestyle photography are planned?

While lifestyle photography focuses on the unplanned, I do build an environment that supports dreamy photos. This includes helping you select photogenic outfits, finding the best lighting in the area and more. My goal is to prepare you before the session so that during our time together, you can relax and let your personality shine through.

  • Outfits that photograph well, yet feel like you
  • A location that matches your take on life
  • The best natural lighting in the environment we choose

What to expect from lifestyle photos as a client

In a lifestyle session, you can almost always expect to do something natural — whether it’s walking through cacti with your family at your side, playing with the dog in your cozy living room or cuddling up in bed, it’ll be something your days usually consist of.

I’ll typically ask you to go about your day as if I’m not there, but since that’s not entirely possible, I’ll laugh with you, suggest poses when you’re feeling unsure and make the session as easy and comfortable as possible.

An example of a lifestyle photography session

I photographed one family outside of their home, the same house that their daughters grew up in. The family had fun simply interacting in their own front yard, the same that they might do on a warm Saturday afternoon. It showed their lifestyle and traditions, and highlighted the home they raised their kids in. It focused on their unique family dynamic and drew out the memories they want to hold onto.

Tips for successful lifestyle photos

  1. Take photos in a setting that feels like you. Think about how you want to be portrayed. What’s something about a place that totally encompasses your way of life? 
  2. Stay preoccupied. Don’t just look at the camera and smile. Move around your house or chosen space. Laugh. Exist in the way that only you know how.
  3. Prepare ahead of time. Clean the house (if that’s the chosen location), select your outfits and schedule a hair and makeup artist before the session. This will present you at your best, naturally, but with an elevated look. Find more in-home lifestyle photography tips here.

I adore lifestyle photography, and love that it’s grown from its start in the industry as in-home portraits to genuine images that showcase your everyday life.

Find examples of lifestyle photography here, and please reach out if you’re interested in scheduling your own Arizona lifestyle portraits.

I would be honored to take portraits that reflect every essence of your personality. First things first, let’s get to know each other.

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