Breathtaking examples of lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is one of the most breathtaking, expressive types of photography. Learn about the types of lifestyle photography and view examples of lifestyle photography too.

Examples of lifestyle photography

What are the types of lifestyle photography?

There are a few overarching categories for lifestyle photography.

Location — in-home, in-studio and outdoor.

Subject — family, food, culture, business, landscape

Purpose — memories, marketing, social media

What are the benefits of lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography as a whole is more true to life than typical portrait photography. It captures families, businesses and cultures in everyday life.

As for the types of photography, each category has different benefits. Location depends on whether or not you would like photos in your own house or if a studio setup might work better. 

For instance, if you want a session focused on your out-of-home life, outdoor photos or images taken in a social engagement may create a better backdrop for your particular session.

What can I expect with lifestyle photography?

In-home and studio photography are more controlled, because the space is ours to choose and change as we like. We can prepare the lighting and layout to achieve a specific look. The same is true for professional and brand photography.

However, in outdoor or social sessions, the photoshoot will likely be more dynamic. In this case, be prepared to go with the flow. We will make sure to get as close to your vision as possible.

To learn more about how I approach lifestyle photography, read this post.

In-home lifestyle photos

Kisses in kitchens and snuggles on the sofa. Hello love!

Outdoor lifestyle photos

The Arizona landscape and adoring families.

Family lifestyle photos

I am loving the love in these family lifestyle photos!

Brand lifestyle photos

Last, but not least — brand lifestyle photos for a creative web designer.

Love what you see? Book your lifestyle photography session here. See more examples of lifestyle photography here.

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